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We are starting this article listing 10 things you need to know before you buy CBD oil:

  1. Find out the country of origin and the exact location where it was grown: solid manufacturers say it openly and loudly. Manufacturers in the US grow it in a number of states. Also, in the manifest of the manufacturer, they say how they grow it – do they use pesticides, herbicides or not, and do they have a lab to test their product.

  2. The purity of the CBD oil – on the label of a flask or bottle you are holding, the conscious manufacturer tells the content – what is added into the product besides CBD oil. Usually, it is hemp oil that is added to CBD oil to fill in the rest of the volume (from 90% to 99% of the content; and that includes flavor additives, which are most commonly other oils – of grape, peppermint and so on). The power of CBD oil is defined by that – what potency the mixture has. It is usually from 1% to 10% of the content of pure CBD in the total volume of the flask.

  3. THC content – to be legal in the US, it must not contain over than 0.3% of THC. The lower THC is in the product, the larger are the chances you will pass the drug test with a negative result.

  4. The form of CBD oil – there are many options on the market.

  5. Lab results (if any) – of the manufacturer’s lab and third-party ones.

  6. The way of CBD oil extraction. CO2 extraction is the only ‘organic’ way to produce it, without bringing harm to the oil and the health of the future user.

  7. Reliability of the company – it must be transparent. It means the phone number and e-mail, additional materials on the site, customers’ feedback is immediately accessible, there is return policy and FAQ section, as well as information about the company itself, and wide product information.

  8. The company does not sell hemp oil without CBD as the CBD-containing product (the deception is not present).

  9. If any company sells ‘dietary supplement’ or claims that their product has treatment of any health issues or sells it in the form of foods – it violates the regulation of the FDA. Currently, though, it is nearly impossible to find at least any company who wouldn’t, so it’s up to you to decide to buy CBD oil.

  10. No cheap. CBD oil cannot be a cheap product. Surely, for some, the current pricing for CBD oil may seem overpriced. Certainly, years or decades have to pass to lower the cost of CBD oil significantly. Today, however, in a nutshell, no CBD oil may come for little pricing – lower than $30 for a flask of oil of 30 ml (of any potency). If you find a product lower than that – how can you be sure that there is any CBD oil inside of it (being not just replaced with any other penny-cost oil)?


How CBD oil works?

According to a number of pieces of research, CBD oil comes into connection with ECS (endocannabinoid system) of the body responsible for the balance in the functioning of many systems of the human body. CBD oil’s molecule touches the receptor of it and makes the body start producing cannabidiol naturally, thus, helping the body to help itself in a natural way. CBD oil does not make us ‘high’ because of the type of molecule connection – it is not digested by the body as THC does.

A product containing CBD may come in the forms of oil, tincture, food, spray, ointment, vape, cigarette, tablet, CBD oil capsules, and powder. This determines the way of admission of CBD. But you can also speak to your doctor about the way of intake.


What are the benefits of CBD oil?

What is CBD oil benefit? It acts positively on the health of a human (end even pets), normalizing sleep, relieving pain occurring in many diseases, contributing to the normal state of mind and mood, withdraws symptoms of anxiety and mental disturbances.

As it does not make people get ‘stoned’, as recreational marijuana does, the most part of users of CBD oil feels relaxed and sleepy, with any anxiety and depression going away shortly after the intake of CBD oil. Long-term effects of CBD, however, have not been studied yet or need approval and additional verification.


How CBD oil is used?

Depending on the type of CBD substance, there can be many types of usage of it:

  • Produced as food: take it normally as you would take food

  • As food additive: add it to your daily food or beverages. Note that CBD oil may alter the taste of your foods and drinks, so before the regular consumption, be sure to add a small amount of it to a little portion of your nutrition to check its taste for ya

  • As a tincture: take it through a pipette as drops in your mouth or add into drinks/food

  • As ointment: rub it on or close to the site of the pain

  • As powder (it is a usual form of CBD isolate): take a nip of it to put under the tongue to dissolve or add it into the food/drinks

  • As a spray: apply it on the skin to the site of pain or inflammation or as close to it as possible

  • As tablets or capsules of CBD oil for pain: they may be taken with water or put under a tongue to make them dissolved.


Where can I buy CBD oil?

There are plenty of CBD oil online stores registered all over the world, which sell products made of CBD oil. In the United States, there are hundreds of places where to buy CBD oil. One of those is, where you can buy oils and other products for market prices.

Also, in the US and a number of other countries of the world, which have legalized medical (or medical + recreational) use of marijuana and hemp, it can be bought in a number of offline stores – even on some gas stations. 

The best option of purchase – if you aren’t sure what you need to buy or looking for a broader assortment – is to make a purchase through the Internet for such considerations:

  • Many things are cheaper on the Internet and CBD oil is not an exclusion

  • Flexible pricing policy – buying online, you can count for a discount on this or the next purchase, which includes cumulative discounts, as well as ones with regular purchases (when you set to buy CBD oil on the regular basis on some specific site)

  • As you enter into the basis of clients, you can take part in some prize raffle, which may include products, special conditions, and discounts

  • You can buy with the delivery to your door – at a convenient time if you don’t find suitable for some reason to buy CBD oil immediately and take it with you.


What's the cost of CBD oil?

The CBD oil cost depends on such things:

  1. Manufacturer

  2. The way plants are grown for CBD oil (how many fields does a manufacturer have if any (it can buy it from some farmer, too), whether pesticides or herbicides are used)

  3. The species of a grown plant (yes, there are several)

  4. The size of manufacturer and power of its production facilities, as well as pricing policy and approach to business

  5. A type of product 

  6. The flavor and other additives if any

  7. The concentration of CBD in it

  8. The cost of delivery if any.

For instance, just to consider any pricing, company has the CBD oil prices of 30 ml flask ranging between $48.95 & $252.00. They differ because of flavor and the amount of CBD inside of the product (from 250 mg in a flask to 3,000 mg). The soft-coated capsules of the company cost between $57 and $95 (because of the strength – 10 mg per capsule or 25 mg). The ointment costs between $74 and $159 per flask – depending on the concentration (500, 1,000 or 2,000 mg in a flask). In this company, shipping across the US is free – which may be different in other companies. 


How hemp is grown and what is in it?

One of the most concerns of modern consumers is the naturalness of the way of hemp growth. Today, nearly every company (at least, responsible one) puts special emphasis on the natural way of raw material growth, which normally includes:

  • Organic growth – no pesticides and herbicides used in the process

  • CO2 extraction (to avoid possible CBD oil side effects)

  • Test in a lab (own or third-party)

  • Implementation of the quality control process on their manufacturing line

  • If any other oils enter into the table of contents then they usually are cold-pressed oils.

If you do not find such information on the site or info insert to the product – we advise you to refrain from buying this CBD.


What is the percentage of THC in the CBD oil?

There are currently 3 possible types of the presence of THC in the CBD oil:

  1. 0% or very close to it – this CBD oil is considered of high purification. Also, every CBD isolate (which is derived from CBD oil) has 0% of THC in the content, making it up to 99.99% of pure CBD in the isolate. This type of products is popular among the people who want to avoid even possible states of getting ‘high’ and those who undergo periodical or unplanned drug tests on their works.

  2. Over 0% but equal to or lesser than 0.3% of THC of the dry mass – it is the most common variation of CBD products. Is CBD oil legal? Yes, they are legally allowed in the US but they can show positive drug test results if a person takes such a product in the nearest 5 days before the drug test. Also, it is a small risk of becoming ‘high’ after the intake, so some people tend to avoid such CBD-containing products.

  3. Over 0.3% of THC. These remedies are generally illegal in the US and most countries but they may be issued in the form of prescription medications and taken by some patients, as some CBD oil reviews show.


What’s the concentration of CBD in my product?

Every manufacturer tells the concentration of CBD in milligrams in each product that it sells.

The biggest content comes in the CBD isolate – up to 99.99% of pure CBD, that is, 99.99 grams per every 100 grams of the product.

Full-spectrum CBD oil comes in a wide range of concentrations – usually, from 0.5% to 10% although some manufacturers may add more than 10% or lesser than 0.5%. 

In foods like jellies or small pieces like soft capsules, the concentration can be from 5 to 100 mg per piece.

The action of CBD is often enhanced by the natural terpenes – flavonoids and additional substances that make hemp oil CBD to smell like it smells.  


How do we know the potency and purity of CBD?

It is usually said on the site of a manufacturer and/or on the product itself. If it is not said on the product label, then it may be said in an informational insert that is put into the pack with a product.

The purity in % (the content of organic CBD oil in this or that product) is often told on the site of a manufacturer, as well as the potency – usually, in mg per 1 intake or per 1 piece of it, or per flask/bottle. It can be mentioned like ‘3,000 mg per 30 ml of the flask’. 


How is CBD oil extracted?

The extraction of best CBD oil happens by means of using CO2 extraction process. During it, the carbon dioxide is used under high pressure and very low temperatures to make sure to extract as much substance from the plant as it can give. When the extraction completes, the pressure is withdrawn, and the temperature rises to make CO2 simply evaporate without any trace – not bringing any harm to the produced oil and bringing CBD oil benefits to the health of its users.